Elsa Mora&纸环

艺术家Elsa Mora的又一最新力作,一款戒指大小的剪纸还拥有这么多细节和精致的结构,难以想象的创造力又一次在Elsa Mora手中惊奇的出现了。

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5 Responses

  1. Delia说道:

    Hi Melissa! Yeah, I was kind of concerned too (my one cat is kind of, well, strange), but I did a lot of research and watched videos of other cats, so I thought I would try it. Plus the fact I had a coupon and there was a 30-day return policy helped too! Both my cats imiaemetdly started using it (I continued to use the same wheat litter) and we have had, seriously, not one issue since January!

  2. I just finished reading Graceling and have to tell you that I hope you write another book using Katsa and Po !(meanwhile I am looking forward to the release of Fire)I do like the Danish cover but have to say I love the American cover!

  3. ich blogge über die Themen, die ich interessant finde. das habe ich schon immer so gemacht und das werde ich auch weiterhin so tun, egal ob sie das toll finden oder nicht. in Sachen VDS ist in meiner Partei bislang nichts entschieden und Wasserstansmeldungen vom Parteitag blogge ich nicht, sondern twitter eher dazu, wie man durchaus nachlesen kann.

  4. Sergio Godinho revelou-se um excelente escrítico no Actual do Expresso. Magníficas crónicas tenho lido. A desta semana é sobre a dupla João Gilberto/ Tom Jobim e a da semana passada foi sobre Robert Wyatt. Um gosto impecável e uma escrita primorosa, original e excelente.

  1. 2011年04月6日

    […] 这次是对剪纸艺术家Elsa Mora的介绍已经不是第一次了,还记得上次介绍的那个让大家感到惊奇的小而精致的Elsa Mora&纸环吗?这次带来的是她的又一力作,没错还是一个造型和创意以及工艺更加复杂的戒指。面对这样精悍的艺术作品,我们还是看图不说话吧,用你的惊叹来对艺术家Elsa Mora致敬吧。 […]


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